How do I become a member of DAR?

To inquire about membership in the Etowah Chapter, NSDAR, contact the chapter. For membership information regarding the National Society DAR, visit the National page on membership.

  • There are over 185,000 members.
  • 3,000 chapters in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. and overseas.
  • International chapters are located in countries around the world, including Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, France, Germany, Guam, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom.
  • More than one million women have joined the DAR since it was founded.
Eligibility for Membership
  • Any woman 18 years or older, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who can prove lineal, bloodline descent from a patriot of the American Revolution is eligible.