Welcome to the Etowah Chapter, NSDAR

In February, on the third Thursday of 1909, 28 ladies met at the Oaks upon the invitation of Mrs. Louis Munford Peeples to organize a local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Mrs. Peeples had previously been appointed Chapter Regent by Miss Anna Caroline Benning, Georgia State Regent.

The next meeting was on the third Thursday in March, when 24 applications and one transfer were sent to Washington for acceptance. On April 20, 1909, Mrs. Peeples called a meeting and announced that 23 applications and one transfer had been approved (only 12 were required) and that three more applications were in hand and ready to be sent to Washington.

At the August 1909 meeting, Mrs. Peeples reported that since another DAR chapter already had their preferred name, Colonial Chapter, the members would have to select a new name. A final decision was made on "ETOWAH," and the chair so declared it. The name was chosen because of its euphony, its origin, and its local significance.